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6 Accessibility Upgrades to Consider During Bathroom Renovation


You might not know that the bathroom is one of the most unsafe places for old and disabled people and those with physical limitations. Naturally, they might face a great deal of trouble while using the bathroom if it has an erroneous design. If you want to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries in the bathroom, change its features with accessibility as the primary focus.  That way, you will make it a lot easier for senior people and accomplish the tasks safely. So, if you are planning a home renovation in Vancouver shortly, check these accessibility upgrades for your bathroom.

How to make the bathroom accessible during custom home renovation?

Do your loved ones have special requirements when using the bathroom?  If you are ready to provide them with the comfort they need, you need to implement the changes quickly. Typically, an accessible bathroom is specially designed to provide people with physical limitations ample space to move around in wheelchairs and also use specialized equipment to make the experience smooth.

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Here is how you can make the bathroom more accessible for all ages:

1.      Make the bath more easy to use

Making the bath wheelchair accessible is one of the mainstays of making the bathroom convenient for people of all ages. Accessible bathtubs stand out from their traditional counterparts with doors that swing open and taller walls, facilitating easier entry. In limited bathroom spaces restricted to walk-in showers, they present an excellent alternative for diverse users.

2.      Make the entrance wider

Another area you need to focus on during custom home renovation is widening the entrance to the bathroom to make it accessible for wheelchairs to enter easily. Make sure you are aware of the measurements that you need and discuss them with experts. When widening the doorway, you also need to replace the handle to eliminate the obstruction. So, you may have to lower the knob for it to turn easily. Lever handles are also good for physically disabled people who face difficulty when twisting and turning the knob to open it.

3.      Install grab bars on the bathroom walls

When changing the bathroom features during a home renovation in Vancouver to make it more accessible, you need to consider adding grabbing bars for people who face difficulty when maneuvering from place to place within the bathroom. Usually, these bars are tightly nailed to the wall studs and care has to be taken to get equipment that is capable of supporting the entire weight of an individual. Usually, the best places to install them are near the bathtub the toilet, or the area where aging people need to stand up or turn around.

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4.      Adjust the heights of the sink and toilets

Communicate to those Vancouver builders with whom you have discussed installing accessibility upgrades in the bathroom about adjusting the height of the sink and the toilet. Aging people generally use the bathroom more times throughout the day, so it’s important that they can reach those areas easily. Discuss with the builders in-depth so that people can get on and off the toilet seat with ease. The sink needs to be placed low for aging people to access from a wheelchair. Installing faucets at reasonable heights also enhances the accessibility of the bathroom.

5.      Choosing the right taps

Have you given a thought to what kind of taps to install in an accessible bathroom? Generally, lever taps tend to be user-friendly. Besides, you can explore taps that run by movement and need to be operated physically, which is immensely beneficial for handling simple and everyday tasks like washing hands.

Apart from this, you may also look at thermostatic taps that come with a controlled heat mechanism. That way, people with physical limitations won’t need to set temperatures whenever needed. Looking forward to a home renovation expert who excels in bathroom remodeling? Roadhouse Homes is undeniably one of the most reputed service providers and construction companies in Vancouver to deliver the best results during home renovation.

6.      Install light sensors

People with limited disabilities might face issues for home renovation when reaching for a light switch, especially when using the bathroom at odd hours. Installing motion-sensor lights can help illuminate the bathroom without navigating the switch. That way it becomes convenient for them to enter and leave the bathroom easily. Don’t miss installing the light upgrades and communicate your requirements to the renovation experts.

You are now familiar with the idea of installing upgrades in the bathroom to make it more accessible for those with restricted disabilities. Prioritize your ideas at first to make the bathroom safer and more convenient for those with limited disabilities.

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