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City Vs Suburb: Where Should You Buy A Home?


Is city life better or living in the suburbs? Oh! That is an eternal question. There is no end to debating this disunited approach to living. But it is hard to conclude because buying a house is a subjective decision for most people. What seems significant to one homebuyer might sound serious to another.

But if it’s time for you to shop for luxury homes for sale in Kelowna, you need to decide sooner to bag the best deals. Just ask yourself about your requirements for home buying to get a grasp of what it means to live in a city or a suburb.

Research reveals that about two-thirds of Canada’s citizens or even more have their dwelling places in the suburbs and the big cities, witness luxury Kelowna condos for sale, for living in the downtown areas of the major cities. Having said that here is a synopsis of whether you should buy a home in a big city or the suburbs.

  • Analyse Your Space Requirements

When exploring the opportunity of buying a home, be it in the city or the suburb, space considerations play a big role. One of the major reasons why more people are flocking to explore homes for sale in Okanagan is space requirements. The dwelling places in the city are priced high but are low in space. On the other hand, houses in suburban areas are typically larger and offer more room. If you are someone who prefers additional space in the exteriors, city life will never be your cup of tea. So, you cannot generalise the choices during home shopping; rather you need to check the specific needs and make a decision that suits your lifestyle.

  • Proximity To Everything

One big advantage of city life is that it offers proximity to all the facilities that individuals may need. Talk about offices, entertainment areas, educational institutions, and anything or everything you need, city life provides good accessibility to the residents. Apart from this, people residing in the downtown areas may enjoy shorter commutes and save a lot of their time.

But all these facilities may come at a price and living in a big city may mean that you are deprived of living in nature. Although living in the suburb may require more travel time every week but the peaceful life you get at the end of the day deserves special admiration. Moreover, if you choose the right location when buying a home, it will be worth your investment where you can get the best of both worlds. Check Okanagan homes for sale to get excellent deals and boost your lifestyle.

  • Commute To The Workplace

Is commuting to the workplace one of the major aspects people should have in mind when choosing between living in the city and the suburb? Indeed, it is an issue that bothers several homebuyers looking forward to some great deals in a competitive real estate market. Most workplaces are in urban areas, which may mean travelling up to a couple of hours every day.

Now, what can you do about it?  You need to choose a precise location from where your journey to the workplace will be relatively simpler. Moreover, there are other parameters you need to weigh before finalising the decision. Talk to the luxury real estate agents in Kelowna to get your hands on some of the most preferred locations in the suburbs and the big cities. Wondering where you will find reputed realtors listing some of the best properties in the cities and suburbs? Justin O’Connor Group is one of the reputed home listing agencies you can search for to analyse properties that the real estate agents list and find the opportunity less effortless.

  • Cost Analysis

Now, cost analysis may create a lot of dilemmas among homebuyers and a majority of them consider it as a primary aspect of choosing homes for sale in Okanagan. City life is undoubtedly more expensive compared to life in the suburbs. You will end up paying more for commutation, groceries, and dining out. You need to calculate what is more affordable for you before buying a home in the city or the suburbs.

  • Consider Your Lifestyle

The last but certainly not the least important option is considering your lifestyle. If you are an outdoor person and prefer moving outdoors every weekend, city life may seem a better option. But hold on! There are several locations in the suburbs where you can get similar entertainment and outdoor life at a more reasonable cost. So, don’t jump to decisions.

Determining whether the best Okanagan homes for sale buying a home in the suburb or city is a better choice is an entirely personal decision. You need to analyse all the options above and incorporate a few of your considerations to get things right.

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