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How to Use Home Renovation to Sell Your Home Faster: 6 Smart Tips


You have been trying to sell your home for a long and did everything to ensure that you have buyers parading around the property. Well, you may have had so many buyers thronging your property for about a week or more. However, it’s been a few months, and you have yet to receive a reasonable offer. Does this scenario sound familiar and you are about to list your house for sale? Take a step back to find out what could have gone wrong.

Remember that the longer your house stays in the market, the better it is for buyers to negotiate. It’s time to take the guesswork out and do something that adds to the perceived and actual value of your property.

Here are 6 strategic home renovations in Kelowna to make your house more appealing to potential buyers:

1.      Create a good impression

Before your home goes to the listing, keep in mind that it needs to have the potential to appear as the buyers’ dream home. So, make sure it appears like a new home in Kelowna to the best extent and eliminate all those things that diminish the shine of your property. It will only provide one more reason for the buyer to move to the next listing. You don’t need to go for expensive renovation to attract the buyer. The smallest of things like replacing the window glass, adding a coat of paint to the front porch, repairing the cracks on the driveway, or changing the rusted fence may seem like charming features. That way, you will get more chances to grab the attention of the viewer or let the features speak for themselves.

2.      Painting the house

One of the most strategic upgrades you may consider during home renovations in Kelowna BC is to apply a fresh coat of paint to the entire property. No other step would help in transforming your house as much as this one and appeal to a wider section of buyers. However, when it comes to choosing the shade, stick to neutral and light ones. At the same time, choose trendy and modern colours, keeping in mind that they resonate with the architectural style of your home. Instead of a DIY painting project, hire an expert to breathe new life into your home.

3.      Incorporate more functionality in your house

Every house has those quirky things happening when you decide to sell. For instance, leaky faucets, a doorbell that does not ring, a fogged window pane, or malfunction in the appliances are a few things that you need to address before putting your property in the real estate market. Make sure you replace all those things that define the functionality of the house. Not dealing with them may affect the buyers and harm your sales prospects. Go for a bathroom renovation in Kelowna to keep on with the demands of the buyer.

4.      Flooring essentials

Outdated and shipped flooring are signs of neglect and may immediately turn the buyers away. One of the areas where flooring suffers the most is the kitchen. So, you may need to consider kitchen renovation in Kelowna in case you are planning to repaint the cabinets along with floor replacement. Explore some modern flooring options to enhance the visual appeal of the interiors and the kitchen. Make sure the remodelling leaves a positive impression on the buyers.

5.      Change the landscaping

Do you know how powerful the impact of your home’s landscaping is? It is the first thing that the prospective buyers will view before entering inside. You may not have to alter the landscape but small changes like changing the fence, cleaning the lawn, and removing the dead trees if any. Apart from this, you need to prune large trees, paint the deck, add new plants, and repair or replace the sod before mowing the lawn.

6.      Upgrade the storage space

Homes with good storage options sell faster than those that do not have any. Make sure you craft plenty of space to allow the occupants to keep the functional items organised. At the same time, the things need to be out of sight yet accessible. The home’s storage options need to be upgraded in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and rooms. If your house does not have options to craft storage, try to add modular storage to keep things organised.

Home renovation before listing it for sale is a strategic investment to enhance your chances of returns. You need to focus on the key areas mentioned here to enhance the appeal of the house and make it look different than the rest of the properties in the neighbourhood. Don’t step back about spending a bit in an effort to double the returns when selling your house. It is a comprehensive approach to selling your home effortlessly and quickly.

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