Japanese Red Coral stone

Japanese Red Coral stone Valuation: How Experts Determine Prices


A captivating beauty resides within the enchanting world of gemstones— a red coral of profound mystical significance. This extraordinary gem, shaped by the intricate forces of nature, weaves a rich tapestry of history, astrology, and spirituality. Revered for its celestial powers, it has fascinated civilizations across centuries.

There are many varieties of red coral gemstones, Japanese origin being the most revered one. This exploration plunges into the origins, attributes, and mystique enveloping the Japanese red coral stone, unraveling the secrets and enigmas that have elevated it to an object of fascination and reverence among fans of precious gems.

Japanese red coral stone


Origin and Formation of Munga Stone

The Munga stone, a captivating gem, boasts a unique origin submerged within the depths of the sea. Unlike its counterparts, this gem emerges from the skeletal remains of polyps, tiny oceanic organisms with limestone skeletons forming its base.

Classified as an organic gem, the vibrant colors of Moonga Ratna are determined by the hues of the polyps. Widely distributed across the globe, from Australia and India to Sri Lanka, the United States, and Africa, these gemstones hold historical significance in many cultures.

RaktaPrabal Stone Benefits:

  • Talismanic Stone: Coral stone bracelets are worn across age groups to ward off negative energies.
  • Stone of Courage: Astrologically linked to mitigating the malefic effects of Mars, the Prabal gemstone instills courage and enthusiasm, ensuring triumph in various life aspects.
  • Mangal Dosh Remedy: A remedy for Manglik dosh, this gem is recommended for women to secure the longevity of their husbands, with pricing in India influenced by carat weight and other factors.
  • Healing Benefits of Pavalam Stone: The red-hued gem is associated with the root chakra, benefiting those grappling with blood, bone marrow, or lymph node issues. Unblocking this chakra with the original Prabal stone per carat is believed to promote good health and happiness.

Japanese red coral stone


Red Coral Price and Quality:

The cost of Prabal Stone in India is contingent on factors such as origin, color, cut, and clarity. Red Coral gemstone prices vary widely based on size, quality, treatment, and certification. Japanese and Italian Red Coral stones, being rare, command higher prices. Factors like origin, color, cut, and carat weight influence the overall cost, with Italian Red Prabal Stones holding a premium position.

Choosing the Right Prabal Stone:

  • Origin: Italian and Japaenese Red Prabal Stones are favored, with their price per carat being higher due to their rarity.
  • Color: The vibrant red orangish hue is highly desirable, impacting the natural Rakta Prabal stone price per ratti.
  • Cut: Precision is critical due to the stone’s porous nature, with the Moonga (Triangular stone) shape being preferred for astrological benefits.
  • Carat Weight: The ideal size for astrology benefits is 5.25 carats, influencing the Rakt Prabal stone price per carat based on size. Consultation with experts at reputable sources ensures authenticity and accurate pricing, catering to astrological and ornamental preferences.


In concluding our exploration of Japanese Red Coral stone valuation, it’s evident that experts consider factors like origin, color, cut, and carat weight to determine prices accurately. The rarity of Japanese Red Coral amplifies its value, making it a sought-after gem.

Buying Japanese Red Coral stone online ensures convenience and authenticity for enthusiasts seeking to acquire this prized gem. Reputable sources like Navratan provide a platform to explore and purchase these gems, backed by expert insights and certifications, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience for those desiring the unique allure of Japanese Red Coral in their gemstone collection.

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